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Gilroy Endodontics

Gilroy, CA


Abbas Raissi, DDS, Inc.

Our Mission

High quality care and patient comfort is our highest mission.

We pledge to provide the finest personal service and facilities to our patients who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, and comfortable enviornment.

Our practice is dedicated to improving the quality of life of our patients, advancing their well-being, and meeting all of the real and perceived clinical, psychological, emotional and personal needs of our patients.

We recognize that every patient has unique wants and needs. And it is our highest priority to provide individualized care for every patient.

Practice Profile

Our office is equipped with the most advanced technology to serve your patient’s endodontic needs. In addition to having a paperless office, we perform our root canal therapy using the surgical microscope, ultrasonics, rotary instrumentation, and digital radiography.

Excellent patient care is our primary concern. Our friendly and professional team will help you achieve this goal with the promise of outstanding customer care. We look forward to working with you.

Patient Testimonials

This was my first root canal and I was very surprised and pleased with how well it went. Doctor and staff did a great job. Thank you!


I was very apprehensive at the start, but none of the procedure was as bad as I had expected.  It is great to have no pain now and we saved my tooth.  Thank you!

(p.s. I was treated wonderfully by you and your staff's gentle caring and attitudes.  It was especially nice to receive the call after each appointment to ask how I was doing.  I was very impressed by your caring services.)


I greatly appreciated being informed about the procedure, the need for doing so, and the professional care that followed.


From the receptionist to the doctor and assistant, they were all extremely excellent!


Excellent Care.  Thank you!